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Brazil is a rural country. It has a hot & humid climate. Brazil has a land border with Colombia, Bolivia, Peru & Argentina.

Country Information

IG Factbook: "Following more than three centuries under Portuguese rule, Brazil gained its independence in 1822, maintaining a monarchical system of government until the abolition of slavery in 1888 and the subsequent proclamation of a republic by the military in 1889. By far the largest and most populous country in South America, Brazil underwent more than a half century of populist and military government until 1985, when the military regime peacefully ceded power to civilian rulers. Brazil continues to pursue industrial and agricultural growth and development of its interior. Exploiting vast natural resources and a large labor pool, it is today South America's leading economic power. Highly unequal income distribution and crime remain pressing problems."


Airport Links

Brazil will send and receive airplanes from UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Japan

Seaport Links

Brazil will send and receive ships from USA, Australia, France, West Africa, South Africa, and UK

Land Border Links

Brazil has a land border with Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia


  • You may need Livestock or Heat Resistance for you to excel in this country because the climate of Brazil is hot and rural.
  • Water 1 & Water 2 are also useful when infecting Brazil, since Brazil is not only humid, but has a decent seaport.
  • Brazil borders every South American country in-game, so if you start here, infecting the rest of South America will be a breeze as long as you have some infectivity and some Cold Resistance for Peru.


  • In this country, the Rio Olympic Games take place. The Olympic Games moved from London to Rio de Janeiro as of an update of 2016. From this event, we can obtain the achievement "Olympic Spoiler", if we use Resistance to Medicines and In addition, contagion in Brazil will increase after this happens
  • In the news, there is a headline that says "Brazil investigating a new aircraft carrier". This news refers to the fact that in 2004, the Brazilian Navy tried to sell the Minas Gerais aircraft carrier through eBay. After a while, eBay closed the auction for this aircraft carrier, because it did not comply with the terms and conditions of the website. After the dismantling of the Minas Gerais aircraft carrier, the Brazilian Navy decided to investigate other types of aircraft carriers. This event is random and does not affect the game.
  • In the early versions of Plague Inc. Evolved, many countries in South and Central America used the City Cam of Brazil as a placeholder. In Mutation 1.13, this was changed and each country now has its own City Cam.


Brasil Country Card with the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia & Fortaleza
Territory: 8,358,140 (km2)
Population: 206 (m)
Resources: $2,346 (bn)

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