Blood Rage is a Tier 1 Active Ability unique to the Shadow Plague DLC. This is the Shadow Plague equivalent of the Simian Flu's Rampage. However, it will kill much more people than Rampage. With this Active Ability, the vampire will gain the ability to launch attacks against WHO laboratories and Templar fortresses. It also gives vampires the ability to destroy drones and preventing them from attacking Lairs, something that Rampage lacks. Additional abilities can be evolved to strengthen Blood Rage. The stronger the Blood Rage, the more powerful the Vampires, and the Vampires are able to crush their targets more often. The gene Berserker can increase the amount of deaths caused by a blood rage dramatically, and the gene Harvester can dramatically increase the amount of DNA collected by a blood rage.


  • The more time you spend on a Blood Rage in any one country, more casualties will happen per day in that country.
  • By only flying and blood raging, you can complete a full game (of any difficulty) without any research taking place or any limitations (except that your vampire will need to survive). However, this is not recommended because it is extremely time-consuming in virtually every case, the only exception being the scenario Where Is Everyone?.
  • If your vampire is dying, use a blood rage since it will regenerate a lot of your vampire's health. This amount will increase with the evolution of Dark Ritual 1 and 2.
  • Blood Rage will allow you to ignore damage your vampire would otherwise receive from drones and militia groups organized to fight vampires.
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