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Blood Rage is a Tier 1 Trait & Active Ability unique to the Shadow Plague DLC.


  • When the Vampire enters a Blood Rage, it starts murdering people en masse and the player gains DNA.
    • If there is a WHO Lab/Templar Base/Drone located in the area, the Vampire will attack them instead, and once they are destroyed, the effect expires.
      • However, if Blood Rage is used on an active Templar Base or healthy people that have been cured, the Vampire just loses health.
    • While ramp-paging, the Vampire is not affected by certain damage sources such as local militias and does not seem to benefit from any Lairs established there.
    • The Vampire appears to kill more people daily as Blood Rage persists.

Trait Synergies

  • Dark Ritual 1/2 - Allows the Vampire to heal faster while attacking should it not focus on.
  • Adrenal Surge/Dark Infiltration/Shadow Blades/Demonic Fury - Increases Vampire strength during Blood Rage

Gene Synergies

  • Socially Awkward Bat - Vampire begins Blood Rage every time it travels to a country.
  • Brawler - Blood Rage no longer requires DNA to start.
  • Berserker - Inceases Blood Rage's lethality.
  • Harvester - Increases Blood Rage's DNA bonus.


  • Since Blood Rage kills people and doesn't even trigger cure development on its own, it is possible to kill the entire world with this ability (with the Templars out of the equation, of course), although it is rather time-consuming in most cases.