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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 5 days ago

Changes to how information is displayed on the symptoms page

In the month of May, I have decided to change the way the information is displayed in the infoboxes of some symptoms, mainly to prevent them from being overloaded.

I replace some of the tabbers for the images of some infoboxes by a template called "Switcher", this one requires JavaScript to work, in this one you can select more easily the different icons of the infobox.

I added some tables in the infobox part about infectivity, severity and lethality stats, to prevent the infobox from becoming too big.

Also, I thought it was a good idea to place directly in the article a table that is not in the infobox, mainly to avoid overloading the infobox. (Example: Haemoptysis § Cure Effects)

  • Borders of different colors were added to give more style to …

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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 25 days ago

Plague Inc Wiki April 2022 Progress

From April 1 through April 30, 2022, changes have been made to Plague Inc. Wiki articles. Below is a list of changes:

  • 1 Standard Plagues Articles
  • 2 Mad Cow Disease Transmissions
  • 3 Country Information
  • 4 Cure Mode
  • 5 Symptoms
  • 6 Genetic Code
  • 7 Multiplayer
  • 8 Translations
  • 9 Templates
  • 10 Other

  • Bacteria (Differences); Changes:
    • Added plague description in Cure Mode
    • Added a section with recommendations on how to play with Bacteria in addiction with the recommended genetic code.
    • Added information about Plague Multiplayer Mode in Trivia section
    • Added information about the Board Game in Trivia section
    • Added information about the plague code being reused for other scenarios in Trivia section
    • Added references to Twinfinite,, Brick Castles websites as well as links to the …

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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 20 December 2021

Cure Mode Articles

Progress on Cure Mode articles

  • November 28: In it together
  • December 3: Happy Frogs
  • December 8: Weapon X & Shut down everything
  • December 20: Field Research, Infection Control, Vaccine Research, Accelerated Research & Global Research Treaty
  • December 28: Report thy neighbour
  • December 29: Vaccine Manufacturing

  • January 8: Humans weren't meant to fly
  • January 9: Accelerated Manufacturing & Global Manufacturing Treaty
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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 14 August 2021

Changes in the templates used in the scenario pages

I have decided that the templates of the scenario pages should be changed a bit.



This change was a bit inspired as French Wikipedia uses its template, so I added a thicker border on the left to make the template look better.

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Super pro gamar! Super pro gamar! 29 May 2021

Not gonna lie I'm pretty tired right now lol

Haha its 2:38 AM PTZ right now and I'm on this wiki

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So-Safe So-Safe 18 May 2021

My Concepts

To start off, here are my achivement concepts.

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ItsSquidjaHere ItsSquidjaHere 8 May 2021



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Kerminator1000 Kerminator1000 18 March 2021

Why everyone needs to calm down about Greenland

If this is the wrong place for this just let me know.

Everyone always hates Greenland but its actually not that bad of a country in Plague Inc.

Its hard to infect

- It actually isn't the hardest. Madagascar is pretty hard and the Caribbean has lost me several games. In terms of shutdowns, Greenland actually waits a really long time to shut down, what the problem actually is, is that Norway and Russia are hard to completely infect, so the ships don't get infected, leaving Greenland uninfected.

In my opinion the hardest country to infect is Canada. Its rich so that slows you down. Its cold which limits the effectiveness, and it is a low density area, making it hard to spread.

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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 9 February 2021


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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 23 January 2021

Not Another Zombie Game (Explained)

"Not Another Zombie Game" is considered the most difficult achievement in the game. It is one of the achievements that requires a lot of events to work. After playing the Necroa virus several times and reviewing the game files, I discovered how to achieve this achievement.

But much of the strategy guides that are found contain errors or unnecessary data.

  • 1 FAQ
  • 2 Events
    • 2.1 General conditions
    • 2.2 Town evacuation
    • 2.3 Rabies Eradication Initiative
    • 2.4 Film about Rabies Epidemic
    • 2.5 Mutated Rabies Virus
    • 2.6 Final Event

  • Can you get this achievement without triggering special events?
    • To obtain this achievement it is necessary to activate certain events. The Necroa Virus is designed to be easily cured. Events that are related to the epidemic of rabies and the necro…

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Maxewell124 Maxewell124 13 January 2021


The Pandemic series comprises 4 browser-based Flash games and one mobile port which mostly predate and are spiritual predecessors to Plague Inc.:

  1. Pandemic (also known as Pandemic 1)
  2. Pandemic: Extinction of Man
  3. Pandemic II (the most well known, released in July 2008)
  4. Pandemic: American Swine (released in July 2009)  
  5. Pandemic 2.5 (an iPhone/Android remake of Pandemic II, released in 2011)

  • 1 Similarities and differences to Plague Inc
    • 1.1 General
  • 2 List of Pandemic titles
    • 2.1 Pandemic I
    • 2.2 Pandemic: Extinction of Man
    • 2.3 Pandemic II
    • 2.4 Pandemic 2.5
  • 3 Trivia
    • 3.1 Pandemic II

Like Plague Inc, players can choose Bacteria, Virus, or Parasite as their plague type, although different names are used for stats.

The Cure (called the Vaccine in all Pandemic games) also instantly cures a…

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Cupica Cupica 27 November 2020

Is this ilegal

I'm just trying to earn a badge, is that really bad?

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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 25 November 2020

City Cams

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オオカミの残虐行為 オオカミの残虐行為 18 October 2020

lol this do be a funny moment

ok i just need to say this. why are the symptoms the same for everytime you play a round with any of the normal disease types? you should be able to add your own instead of having them chosen for you.

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DigitalSeb01 DigitalSeb01 4 October 2020

Wiki Design

The wiki font will be changed to Telex.

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Maxewell124 Maxewell124 26 July 2020

convert switch font files to .ttf

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Maxewell124 Maxewell124 27 June 2020


This has been archived on the web archive. It gets the mario and luigi superstar saga rom and takes the music as midis.

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Maxewell124 Maxewell124 9 May 2020

Activity feed

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Maxewell124 Maxewell124 9 May 2020

Other Plague Inc wikis

  • (dead)
  • (dead)
  • (dead)
  • (dead)
  • (dead)
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GummyLover302 GummyLover302 8 May 2020

Levantine Maggot

This is a blog post about the Levantine Maggot. Note, it is a fanmade kind of plague.

Israeli researchers discover a new kind of parasite from the area Korah was swallowed. After breaking out of a jar, the maggot went rogue and infected its first victim. That first victim then turned into a monster, which he/she infects more people in Jerusalem in the Middle east.

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Maxewell124 Maxewell124 22 April 2020


So I can redirect blogs

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FergLioYT FergLioYT 19 April 2020

Virus take over: a Marvel spin

This is FergLio, I’m a 15-year-old novice content creator. 

wanted to share with you one of my new videos THANOS is CORONA!!!!!

I figured your followers would really enjoy this Take Over spin on the game humor

I am a big fan and would be so honoured if you featured my video. I think this would work great for your followers as well. 

Anyway, thanks in advance for checking it out.

All the best 


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Nomadic1Arborian Nomadic1Arborian 17 March 2020

If you could change one thing in Plague Inc. What would it be?

I got the idea from people asking me if I could make or remove 1 law What would I do. and so I ask

This means anything, apart from removing the Game or etc.

I'm looking forward to hearing some fun suggestions.

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Countryhumans user 115 Countryhumans user 115 19 February 2020

Which virus is your favorite comment below!

Which virus was your favorite ever since you started playing plague inc or started to go to this fandom comment below your favorite viruses and explain why start now!

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XYZeed XYZeed 24 June 2019

Hey I made a custom scenario virus!

It is called the Finimortum Virus, you can search it up if you want. Some parts aren't perfect or just bad, but you can send me feedback at  Some countries also have altered population, adding a new twist! (The world also has 9 billion people instead of 7 billion)

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DoubleA11225 DoubleA11225 25 February 2019

Merging Achievement Strategy Guides w/Main Pages - Opinion

I've notice that many achievement pages on the Plague Inc. wiki are stubs, however they have separate strategy guide pages. Many (if not most) of these pages are not strategy guides per se; rather, they are walkthroughs on how to earn achievements (the bolded phrase commonly appears verbatim as a section on a main page, which almost always links to a strategy guide page). Take, for instance, these Necroa Virus achievements:

  • Big Bang
  • Non Starter
  • Dead End
  • Due Diligence
  • Banana Skin
  • Don't Ask Me
  • Test This!
  • Hide and Seek
  • Breathe Deep
  • Getting Colder
  • It's a Trap!
  • Revenge of Osiris

Every single article linked above links to a "strategy guide." This slows down navigation for players who may need to unlock these achievements and makes navigating achievement pages …

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RubyTheReshi RubyTheReshi 12 February 2019


yuri best girl

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PlagueMASTERX PlagueMASTERX 21 November 2018

What would happen if world meeted an plague in real life?

  • 1 First of all, the economy would collapse due to governments wasting all their money for the cure and the fear of the disease.
  • 2 the second thing that would happen is the cancel of the pan-american games in 2019. probably due to the fear of the disease spreading.
  • 3 third thing that would happen is the chaos on the cities and on the planet, imagine yourself in paris, you would see a burning city with running people and authorities in the city. this is what would happen to the cities and countries around the planet.
  • 4 fourth thing is the global research totally envolved and focused to develop a cure. that focus would cause many other diseases like ebola, zika and HIV to spread and kill more.
  • 5 the last thing that would happen is the end of the world…
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PlagueMASTERX PlagueMASTERX 13 November 2018

How do i can plague-ify a city?

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AnonymousOrangeCat AnonymousOrangeCat 15 October 2018

How do I do multiplayer on mobile?

I don't know how to play multiplayer on mobile. Can someone tell me how?

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TOTMGsRock TOTMGsRock 25 July 2018

Custom Scenario Plague - The Death Virus (Ultimavirus annihilus)

Here is a scenario I planned to make - called the Death Virus.

  • 1 Scenario Information
  • 2 Transmissions
    • 2.1 Tier 1
    • 2.2 Tier 2
    • 2.3 Tier 3
    • 2.4 Tier 4
  • 3 Symptoms
    • 3.1 Tier 1
    • 3.2 Tier 2
    • 3.3 Tier 3
    • 3.4 Tier 4
    • 3.5 Tier 5
    • 3.6 Tier 6
    • 3.7 Tier 7
    • 3.8 Tier 8
    • 3.9 Tier 9
  • 4 Abilities
    • 4.1 Tier 1
    • 4.2 Tier 2
    • 4.3 Tier 3
    • 4.4 Tier 4
    • 4.5 Tier 5
    • 4.6 Tier 6

Bioterrorists in Saudi Arabia have successfully replicated the effects of the Death Virus, the most powerful pathogen in the universe. They have planned to test it right here on Planet Earth in order to wipe out its population. Unfortunately for them, one of the terrorists was actually a spy and leaked the information, but was later caught red-handed and killed by the terrorists, although not before the leaks were spread across the world. The bioterrorists w…

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Sadsackb0ss Sadsackb0ss 9 January 2018

Funny names

So the funniest name I ever did was probably the time when I started in Russia on nano virus and called it communism

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Joshua115 Joshua115 13 October 2017

MUTATION 13 Update (introducing Mad Cows, HI-Speed Suborbital Nuclear Jets , Humanity gets Cloaked behind and More!!)

NOTE about the my changes: im so Sorry for the crappy blog title, just ignore it that and its Mutation 15 update

Introduction about this

"Evolution!, Damnnation! , RE - Annihilation! ,!MOO-TATION!"

My First Reaction Comment on the Mutation 13 update


Welcome to the mutation 15 , the Mad Cow Disease Update

So WE wait the furher announcements about this 3 FREAKING NEW SCENARIOS

to be updated!, so its too spooky but funny when seeing the original but GIF Version of Scenario Icon (look the GIF 2nd Pic on Top) and about the Mad Cow Disease update, lets look what is the achievements behind of this (Just Like the Nipah Virus)

I'm Added a Picture with Number with we describe what is that scenario about..? BLAH BLAH BLAH

  1. The Mad cow disease (A…

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DiseaseMaster7 DiseaseMaster7 9 March 2017

Call for Assistance

I'd like to take a moment to thank people for helping maintain this wikia. Deep-Fried Derp of Illuminati, I'd like to thank you for all your help in editing various articles, and Ferchischimino, thank you for adding pictures where needed. You're both a great help.

Still, there's much work to be done on this wikia, particularly with the Shadow Plague. Many Ability pages are simply nonexistant, and there are many achievement pages that need information to be added to it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, especially with the Achievement pages. Thank you for your assistance.

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Sweet Nuclear Christ Sweet Nuclear Christ 1 February 2017

Scenario help

I need some ideas for a scenario i've been trying to make. I have no idea what to base the scenario on. I've tried a data code scenario, only to find someone else did the same sorta' thing as me, and I also tried an Area 51 disease, which suffered the same fate. I'm also trying a scenario on making birds back to dinosaurs, but I don't know. Some ideas would be lovely.

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Risviltsov Risviltsov 24 December 2016

What should I do?

I'm truly bored. I don't know what I should do.

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Risviltsov Risviltsov 24 November 2016

Help needed for RL illness outbreak simulations!

(disc scratching)

i did this because people in my discord told me to

say hello to the assholes uncovering my history

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DiseaseMaster7 DiseaseMaster7 10 November 2016

Help needed for Shadow Plague

The fabeled final plague has finally been released: the Shadow Plague. With this plague, there has been the addition of a myriad of new Symptoms, Abilities, and Transmissions. I require assistance in making this Wikia knowledgeable as far as information for the Shadow Plague goes. I need your help, Wikia members, in both adding the necessary information concerning the plague AND weeding out any and all spam, whether it is done by contributors or Users.

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Joshua115 Joshua115 10 November 2016

Shadow plague Full Achievement List

  • 1 Achievement list (Shadow Plague) 
  • 2 Chiroptophobia - Drive out cavers before sampling the Shadow Pool.
  • 3 Watery Grave - Drown Templar scientists in the Shadow Pool.
  • 4 Wolf Pack - Hunt down historian searching for Dracula's tomb.

NOTE / DISCLAIMER : Some Achievements may Contain Origin Stories Related to Shadow Plague.

Twilight Lied - Let Humanity discover your vampire -

Home Sweet Home - Set up a vampire lair

Heart of Darkness - Send your vampire into a Blood Rage

Batmobile - Transform vampire into a bat and fly somewhere

Carpe Jugulum - Discover the Carpe Jugulum Combo

Welcome to Hellmouth - Discover the Welcome to Hellmouth Combo

Diamond Skin - Discover the Diamond Skin Combo

Dentist's Dream - Discover the Dentist's Dream Combo

Blood Trumps All - Discove…

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Carved PredAlien Carved PredAlien 5 November 2016

Bored out of my mind.


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KINGDOY KINGDOY 28 October 2016

Blob blib

What's your favorite s disease? Mine is necroa

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Black doctor plague Black doctor plague 16 September 2016

how to defeat a fungus

guys help me defeat a fungus its hard for me i know you guys its easy for you but from me its hard so can somebody help me just 1 people to teach me how to defeat it

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TheO0032 TheO0032 14 September 2016

Soooooo close!

A user practically stole edit 15000. I edited, then this person made the second edit of his time at wikia. He has just 2 edits, and he has the badge. Yet I nearly got it, and ended up just missing it. I can't believe it!

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Writerstix Writerstix 30 June 2016

Create Custom Plagues

I know there is a section in this wikia's forum where we can post ideas that we've had for Plagues we'd love to see.  I also know that with the latest update we are able to play custom made scenerios.

Is there a way for us to create our own plagues, not just in our minds, but in the game itself?

Let me know your thoughts.

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TheO0032 TheO0032 26 May 2016

Uses of drugs

Here is a list of the uses of drugs:

1. Slowing the spread of plagues... Except for nano-virus with drug immunity, parasites with a lot of time on their hands, parasitic worms with transcendendence, the zombie virus, and a disease that increases the intelligence of apes but kills humans.

2. Making people hallucinate

3. Shattering the law to pieces

4. Making them very high

5. Making people get more drugs that do everything else

6. Slowing vital bodily functions

7. Nothing else

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Armorchompy Armorchompy 22 March 2016

This wiki's activeness

Yes, before anything, I'd like to say that I should not be the one doing this.

But, is it me, or is this wiki not very active? I mean, there are things that need to be fixed, and, while this wiki is bigger that other wikis I've seen, it's just not active. At all.

Or maybe It's me. And That's my question: Is this wiki not active, or am i having a wrong impression? Because, if it isn't, I can try to help making some articles better.

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TomasBrice TomasBrice 19 February 2016

Hello all!

Hi all i am new to this wiki and i ill try to edit as much as possible as soon as possible

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Neurax Worm Neurax Worm 22 January 2016

Special plague ideas?

Yo, Neurax Worm here, the best disease since Necroa virus!

So the earliest I've heard rumors of the next special plague was in 2015 in October, and now that 2016 is upon us we could be seeing a new mutation!

So any of you have cool ideas? All ideas welcomed!

I would love to see some type of vampire plague which has been seen in custom scenario's. So I'd love to see Ndemic's twist on it!

Thanks for taking your time, and remember,  a Neurax worm a day, keeps the cure away! :3

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Brogoblingamer1 Brogoblingamer1 26 December 2015

Vampire Plague!

A new vampire plague is being leaked!

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DiseaseMaster7 DiseaseMaster7 28 October 2015

By the All-Plague!

Earned the Miracle Case medal. Booyah!

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