Blind Genius


Blind scientists use advanced voice recognition software to continue their work on the cure. Research speed increases.

Symptoms Needed

Neuro-enhancement 3

Achievement Earned

Blind Genius

Blind Genius is a symptom combo exclusive to the Simian Flu DLC which allows blind scientists to use advanced voice recognition software to continue working on the cure. This combo accelerates cure research. The symptoms required for this combo are Blindness and Neuro-enhancement 3. Finding this combo unlocks the achievement Blind Genius.

Notes Edit

  • This is the only combo that accelerates cure research in the game. By itself, it is harmful for players (unless one only wants to get this achievement), and so should not be evolved unless Total Brain Death is soon to follow, because that symptom has the potential to cripple cure effort.

Trivia Edit

  • This refers to the song "Blind Genius" , by Andre Nickatina.
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