Neu Bird 2

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Bird 2
Bird transmission@2x


18 DNA; 11 (Fungus)


Avian brain tissue compromised causing birds to attack other species. Increases mutation, infectivity and land based transmission.

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Extreme Zoonosis

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Bird 1


+6 Infectivity +2 Mutation +90/100 Land Transmission

Bird 2 is a tier 2 transmission. Increases infectivity and land transmission (Most likely, your plague will cross land borders and infect countries). Grants bonus to mutation chance. Can result in significantly boosted infection rates for a while if the extreme bird migration event happens; event appears to also allow you to infect islands via animals even if you haven't researched Extreme Zoonosis.

Extreme Zoonosis allows you to occasionally infect island countries without the need for the extreme bird migration event.

In the Necroa Virus DLC, partial activation of the virus causes birds to attack humans.

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