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The Authority is a function that supports you in Cure Mode. If it hits 0, you lose the game. During the game, it fluctuates if you are doing well. If it trends down, you are not doing good at handling the outbreak. Non-compliance can also damage your authority, so try not to make the restrictions too hard, or too light, as more people will be infected and/or die.

Gaining Authority

You gain authority by doing well in handling the disease, or funding Authority 1, 2, and 3. There's also special one-time events at the Operations tab. For virus, you can mark that its not a common sneeze and a complete new virus. There's also 2nd version of it, followed by the message: "Please remark that its a complete new virus, not a common sneeze." Though, it only decreases the Non-compliance level. You can also gain Authority by putting necessary quarantine rules. Also you can try Censorship/Fake news. Your authority is not decreased for 1 month (unless a country denies the rules). Use it wisely, since it also increases Non-compliance level. For the Bio-Weapon, the Declare Armageddon protocol is added, which works as an extra Authority protocol. In addition, Authority gained from all Authority protocols is greatly increased in the Bio-Weapon disease type.

Losing Authority

There are ways to lose authority.

  1. Disease Spread - high numbers of infected in a short period of time (probably the most common with the virus or the parasite.)
  2. Panic - infected panicking about dying from the disease.
  3. Deaths - high numbers of deaths in a short period of time.
  4. Non-Compliance - people not listening to quarantine measures.
  5. Specific Operation/Response Traits, diseases such as the Bio-Weapon have special traits in the Operation tab that provide extra benefits at the cost of Authority points. The Triage Protocols response option also decreases Authority.