Apple$oft is a tablet manufacturer in Plague Inc, added in Mutation 1.2. This company is in charge of manufacturing and distributing the iCure tablet, which allows the public to help with cure development. It is run by Gill Bates, a parody of Bill Gates.


Main Game

The Apple$oft company will start the tablet production process when the global priority level is more than 3 but the public order within the United States is more than 0.6.

After a few weeks, if the world public order remains at more than 0.5, Apple$oft will distribute the new tablet globally. From this moment, it will depend on the traits of the plague to determine if the product will be a failure or a success. If the player manages to obtain certain symptoms, the device will be sabotaged and will not contribute anything to the cure progress, after that event happened, the player will earn the Touchscreen Trash achievement.

Cure Mode

In this mode, Apple$oft will re-launch the iCure device to help cure the plague, but public opinion will be divided as to whether the device is really useful.



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