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An intelligent ape wearing war paint.

Apes are the core mechanic of Simian Flu plagues. Being designed to boost intelligence and due to being solely tested on apes, the Simian Flu is able to boost the intellect of infected apes vastly, increasing them to levels above, if not equal to humans. Like in the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, apes gain green irises when infected and can gift other apes with the virus through intentional or unintentional means. Apes can also infect and be infected by humans with the Hominidae Bridge transmission.

Intelligent apes can create colonies in countries to protect themselves and other apes, and create DNA bubbles. Apes can also be slowly migrated from country to country, which can be sped up by teaching them how to create rafts and tame and ride horses. Apes can be migrated into existing colonies manually or over time with Ape Migration. The game is won if the population of intelligent apes exceeds that of humans, even if the Simian Flu itself is cured.


Starting off, Apes aren't viewed as a threat or even intelligent once they escape from Gen-Sys. This changes once the Simian Flu is discovered and Gen-Sys conducts traumatic experiments on the apes. After being discovered that apes are attacking labs and that the disease affects both apes and humans, humans will start to blame apes for the infection of their country. This eventually leads to the world taking aggressive action, and targeting ape colonies with military Drones, killing any apes still in their area of effect. Apes can also be fiercely hunted down in countries. If apes rampage during this time, humans will gladly counter attack, resulting in massive ape casualties.

Gen-Sys will also go to countries with ape populations and try to gather them up to conduct traumatic experiments with high ape casualty rates while also increasing cure research speed. Once all apes are dead or if Gen-Sys has failed to gather apes in a long time, they'll depart for another country. Intelligent apes can avoid capture by either preemptively destroying Gen-Sys labs before they are fully set up or being sheltered in colonies.

Symptom Combos

Ape Count

Countries by ape population (Total: 644,462)

Country Ape Count Percent of Total Ape Count
Central Africa 408,738 63.42
Indonesia 70,738 10.98
East Africa 32,978 5.12
West Africa 31,014 4.81
Sudan 21,585 3.35
India 18,416 2.86
China 18,021 2.8
USA 4,153 0.64
Southeast Asia 3,397 0.53
Brazil 2,752 0.43
Angola 2,356 0.37
Pakistan 2,333 0.36
Russia 1,905 0.3
Japan 1,713 0.27
Mexico 1,524 0.24
Germany 1,396 0.22
Philippines 1,253 0.19
Colombia 1,203 0.19
Egypt 1,090 0.17
France 1,025 0.16
Iran 994 0.15
Korea 984 0.15
Turkey 978 0.15
Balkan States 872 0.14
UK 836 0.13
Saudi Arabia 830 0.13
Italy 813 0.13
Argentina 773 0.12
Spain 762 0.12
South Africa 719 0.11
Algeria 619 0.1
Ukraine 616 0.1
Central Asia 610 0.09
Central Europe 594 0.09
Middle East 515 0.08
Poland 513 0.08
Central America 483 0.07
Afghanistan 462 0.07
Canada 458 0.07
Iraq 430 0.07
Morocco 429 0.07
Peru 391 0.06
Caribbean 337 0.05
Australia 300 0.05
Madagascar 278 0.04
Baltic States 221 0.03
Kazakhstan 219 0.03
Zimbabwe 169 0.03
Bolivia 133 0.02
Sweden 126 0.02
New Guinea 92 0.0143
Libya 85 0.0132
Finland 72 0.0112
Norway 66 0.0102
New Zealand 59 0.0092
Botswana 27 0.0042
Iceland 4 0.0006
Greenland 3 0.0005


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  • NEWSFLASH: Apes escape in <country>: A group of apes have broken out of a primate shelter in <country> and destroyed a Gen-Sys lab - causing citywide chaos. Authorities were unable to contain them, and the apes escaped
  • Gen-Sys CEO killed during Ape Escape
  • Escaped apes tracked from city to national park
  • Cloud cover disrupts Ape Escape video footage
  • Authorities find apes infected with <plague name>
  • <country> legalises use of primate poisons
  • <country> warns public to avoid ape contact
  • <country> designates apes a health risk
  • <country> put ape shelters under lock down
  • <country> launches ape bounty scheme
  • <country> declares apes a threat to national security
  • <country> sets up ape tracking database
  • <country> legalises ape hunting
  • Ape shelter owner found mutilated in car park
  • Mayor demands animal escape protocols strengthened
  • Terrorist involvement in Ape Escape ruled out
  • Ape Escape CCTV suggests high intelligence
  • Police warn against ape attack hoax calls
  • Police defend Ape Escape response time
  • Major 'escaped animal' incident confirmed
  • <country> shuts down animal welfare charities
  • <country> positions snipers near forests
  • <country> declares 'sheltering apes' a criminal offence
  • Volunteers in <country> form anti-ape 'Darwin Squads'
  • <country> officially recognises Darwin Squads
  • <country> closes zoos over ape fears
  • Drones target apes in <country>
  • <country> sets up national ape hotline
  • <country> closes parks over ape fears
  • <country> trains police dogs to hunt apes
  • <country> arrests animal rights protestors
  • <country> plants landmines in ape territory
  • Runaway apes in <country> force circus close


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