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Ape Rampage is a tier 2 ability in the Simian Flu DLC. It unlocks an active ability that allows apes to rampage against humans.


  • If the target country has a Gen-Sys laboratory, apes will target it, destroying it if possible.
  • If the target country doesn't have a Gen-Sys laboratory, apes will engage humans.
    • This tends to lead to massive ape casualties and is therefore not reccommended.
  • This will highly increase disease transmission in the target country if Hominidae Bridge is evolved, but can result in a large number of ape casualties very quickly if they are outnumbered.
    • However, the country will get a permanent boost in lethality, depending on the infection rates of the country and the number of apes.
  • Gen-Sys labs should be destroyed as soon as possible, because it will get stronger and harder to destroy over time.
  • In order to guarantee the destruction of a lab, do not rampage against it unless you have hundreds of apes at least.
  • Evolving Primal Hunt and Weapon Creation is highly recommended if attacking a strong Gen-Sys lab, as they increase the ape's combat abilities and thus less casualties.
  • Smaller countries like Iceland and Greenland can be completely destroyed with one attack, but only if you have enough apes. Evolve the Organized Travel and relevant traits may be helpful.
  • If the country has uninfected apes, the Intelligent apes will enhance their intelligence.


  • Any Gen-Sys lab under attack by the apes will flash red.
  • Ape Rampage is the only way to destroy Gen-Sys labs except for the first one (Which is destroyed by Simian Neuro-genesis).