Ape Colonies

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Intelligent apes can come together to build a colony which increases ape transmission, protects and generate DNA

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Ape Colonies is a tier 2 ability in the Simian Flu DLC. It allows apes to form colonies, which generate DNA points. Other uses include keeping ape populations away from the prying eyes of humans, as well as increasing ape to ape transmission.


  • This ability pairs well with the gene Together Strong. However, they can easily be destroyed by drones. Also note that DNA income is dependent on the Cognitive Shift subtree, as well as the population of apes inside the colony. Therefore, countries such as West Africa will have a lot more advantage than others.
  • This is one of the first abilities that the player should evolve in the Where Is Everyone? scenario, as it is the most reliable method of gaining DNA Points.
  • If the Travel Ability was used, the colony will disappear. If the apes successfully move into a country, they will re-establish the colony.
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