Here are the Plague Inc. achievements. They are listed at here and guides for them are listed here.

Standard Plagues

Standard Plague symptom combos


It should be noted that the option to earn these achievements is unlocked when the Cheats are unlocked or purchased. Cheat mode does not need to be enabled in order to earn these achievements. In fact, some (if not all) achievements are un-earnable while cheat mode is enabled.

Immune Strain cheat

Lucky Dip Strain cheat

Shuffle Strain cheat

Special Plagues

Neurax Worm

  • Assuming Direct Control - Win a game by enslaving humanity with the Neurax Worm.
  • Trojan Horse - Create a Trojan airplane and use it to infect a new country with the Neurax worm.
  • Neurax Worm Victory - Win a game with Neurax Worm on Normal Difficulty or higher.
  • Worm Food - Win a game by eradicating humanity with the Neurax Worm.
  • Neurax Master - Beat Neurax Worm disease type on mega-brutal difficulty.

Necroa Virus




  • Big Bang - Kill the DarkWater research team.
  • Dead End - Stop DarkWater from discovering a Necroa Virus weakness.
  • Non Starter - Stop DarkWater from analyzing the Necroa Virus.

Giza expedition


  • Due Diligence - Stop PfiGlax finding a link to the Necroa Virus.
  • Banana Skin - Prevent PfiGlax modifying the Necroa Virus.
  • Don't Ask Me - Make the PfiGlax modification project fail.

Simian Flu


Shadow Plague


Shadow Pool

  • Rock Bottom - Consume the cavers exploring the Shadow Pool.
  • Chiroptophobia - Drive out cavers before sampling the Shadow Pool.
  • Watery Grave - Drown Templar scientists in the Shadow Pool.




Science Denial

Artificial Organs

Frozen Virus

Nipah Virus

Santa's Little Helper


Mad Cow Disease

Ultimate Board Games

Fake News


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