The following is a list of, as well as an overview of, abilities in the Simian Flu DLC:


  • The majority of the abilities in Simian Flu are ape-related, such as the Ape Colonies and Ape Rampage trees.  
  • However, there are standard and abilities, such as the normal drug and climate based resistance traits appeared in Simian Flu as well. 

Gameplay Edit

  • It is advised not to only focus on ape abilities during gameplay due to this can lead to failures.
  • In fact, Drug Resistance 1 should be bought before Simian Neuro-genesis in order to infect wealthy countries and reduce cure effort, because you need to kill nearly all of humanity to win the game.
  • Another tip is to evolve traits from the Primal Awareness tree, due to the fact that if apes are not hidden, Darwin Squads, drones and Gen-Sys will quickly find them and wipe them out. Over time, this tree should be bought out, although Primal Awareness should be enough before advancing to other trees.



The unique abilities in this plague type are ape-related, and improve ape abilities in multiple categories. These abilities are the equivalents of all unique symptoms and abilities in the Necroa Virus DLC.

  • Ape Colonies - Intelligent apes can come together to build a colony which increases ape transmission, protects and generate DNA
  • Ape Migration - Groups of apes will automatically migrate to nearby ape Colonies over time
  • Ape Rampage - Apes gain ability to rampage against humans - targeting labs and rescuing captive apes
  • Cognitive Shift - Community life stimulates maturation of prefrontal cortex. Increases DNA generated from colonies
  • Covert Expertise - Apes monitor human incursions into their territory and camouflage their homes. Significantly reduce likelihood of detection
  • Education - Writing and knowledge sharing enables apes in a colony to develop skills rapidly. Increases DNA generated from colonies
  • Horseback Riding - Apes able to train and ride horses, significantly increasing movement speed over land
  • Logistics - Understanding of logistics lets large groups of apes travel rapidly and efficiently over large distances
  • Organised Travel - Apes able to plan and co-ordinate travel together - allowing movement of ape groups over long distances
  • Path Finders - Ape path finders help intelligent apes locate and travel to Ape Colonies. Apes will migrate from further away
  • Primal Awareness - Apes improve their understanding of human behaviours - reducing the likelihood of being detected by humans
  • Primal Hunt - Apes improve understanding of tactics and are able to operate in larger groups - increasing their combat abilities
  • Scouts - Ape scouts communicate the location of ape Colonies to other intelligent apes. Apes will migrate from further away
  • Seafaring - Apes able to construct rafts to allow co-ordinated travel and migration over large bodies of water
  • Simian Neuro-genesis - Modifies simian genes to significantly increase ape intelligence. Irises turn green and no immune response triggered, It's time for apes to rise! (Required for all other unique abilities)
  • Social Cohesion - Enhanced communication between apes allows complex social structures to develop. Colonies increase ape transmission
  • War Paint - Apes use natural dyes to paint themselves. Reduces likelihood of detection and increases combat abilities
  • Weapon Creation - Apes learn to use tools to create melee and projectile weapons - significantly increasing their combat abilities
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